Different Reasons Why You Are Not Able to Manage Your Workload via Emails

The majority of our people at work, such as our coworkers and sometimes managers make the same mistake of relying on emails to set priority for your tasks assigned to you for a specific time. To get this done, we either have the habit of leaving the messages as “Unread” or adding “Flags”. All this effort so that you don’t forget or miss out on tasks that you have on hand. This too can get all messed up due to the constant wave of emails flooding towards you at different times.

In the current age, there are so many apps and software that can help you organize your work and personal emails. They help you to stay out of complications and get rid of an unorganized inbox.

Here are a few major reasons why relying on emails to manage your work is a bad idea.

Absence of a Centralized Platform for Team and Project Management

When you’re working on different projects having a team that is responsible to handle different tasks at different levels, you are supposed to stay connected to a centralized platform. This allows you to share details and different insights on the project at hand. Therefore, it gets a little difficult to share important information on the project files, comments, and updates.

Using emails would not allow you or limit you from getting access to email. In such an event, the only way is to send requests via email or search for the information you or any team member requires or seek assistance from another colleague. However, during all this, we usually tend to waste a lot of time and achieve nothing.

You can use your emails only for communication purposes or use Charter Bundle deals for better correspondence using emails.

You Can’t Set Starting and Due Dates

If you’re looking for a way to manage your time that you need to complete a task or plan a task or an assignment ahead, you need to switch your task and team management tools to add Start Off and Due Date to every project, so that you can allocate resources and get things done. Also, it is a good idea to set priorities according to the time, date, and the client. This will add more productivity to the way you carry out tasks.

You Have Subscribed to Too Many Platforms

People subscribe to different websites including publications, social media websites, and so on. One of the best things to do is, label your email and make sure that your Important emails do not get pushed under these emails. If this happens, you might want to use a separate email for your household needs and a different email for your work emails. Interestingly, many organizations have separate email domains already where they communicate easily and keep things professional.

Many of Your Important Tasks Get Ignored

It is a good practice that you should strive and maintain email threads to maintain order. That can add meaning to your task management effort, but the only inconvenience that comes with this practice is, that these threads can reach a ridiculous length and there is a chance that the information has some critical details and might get buried down. This will result in too much searching for all the emails and you’ll end up wasting excessive time.

People Do Not Usually Use Filters

We all receive tons of emails throughout the day. Many of these are from different brands and publications that you might have subscribed with. This adds a lot of effort to your work if you have to go through an important email. One of the best things to do is to use filters and make your email search narrowed down a bit.

There Might Be Emails That Can Cause Distraction

You have to get through each and every email if you want to look for your tasks in your inbox and keep tracking them in the inbox. This is one habit that will cause distraction and would keep you from accomplishing your core tasks and roles. You won’t be able to keep yourself stuck to the task or the details associated with it.

Therefore, try to avoid emails that can distract you from work-related emails during office hours.

Final Word

In the end, one can say that we can manage our workload easily via emails if we follow the above-mentioned tips regularly.

It is also wise to use a task or project management tool that can help you manage your workload and teams manned on a task without affecting your productivity.